[vc_row][vc_column][tlg_icon_box icon=”” title=”Website security”]We know how important your website is for you. But for a while, just conceive what would happen if any of the confidential information of your website were compromised or stolen?  You may not realize it, but people out on the internet hack to get access to your website for important information, financial fraud and reducing competitor’s reputation.


We provide you the solutions to each probs!


Just creating a website with WordPress/Joomla and making it live online is not an end of the task. Adhering to the website’s security, health and reputation are also equally important. With the progress of technology, better testing proficiencies have been developed to expose a web application’s vulnerabilities. Our web security services consist of effective and advanced technologies that encompass many aspects. These incorporate, however, are not constrained to, security from viruses, spyware, adware, mail or IM spam, social engineering attacks intended to compel the client to settle on silly choices, spoofing, fraudulent websites, malicious tracking cookies, phishing assaults, and PC hacks. Our expert team checks your website at determined interims for malware, blacklists, and uptime.


Not only do we help keep information confidential, but also useful in authentication and authorization issues by utilizing both an SSL and Website Security. These technologies are designed to protect businesses from the ever-present threats found on the Internet today and make the necessary changes to strengthen the application’s resistance to unlawful access.


Thus resulting into putting up a complete security to protect your website, your customers and their data.


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